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Pool Lobster Company ships live Maine lobsters overnight, straight from the Atlantic to your door.Boiling is the most popular and a simple way of preparing lobster.

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Many of you wonder how long a lobster will live out of the water.

We stock our tanks with the highest quality Maine lobster, shipped regularly straight from the boats to Brooklyn.Local lobster fishermen catch premium live Maine lobsters daily for next day shipping to you, coast to coast.


Embark on the ultimate culinary adventure or give an amazing gift to a loved one with this special deal from Get Maine Lobsters.

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Goldwater Seafoods is a leading supplier fresh, live Atlantic Nova Scotia lobster across Canada.In Maine, lobster landings totaled 127,808,436 pounds in 2013, the highest amount since the Department of Marine Resources began keeping records.

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Blanching is easy: Boil water: add 1 tablespoon of sea salt per 2 quarts of water.Maine Fair Trade Lobster is in hot water after an eyewitness video captured workers dismembering conscious lobsters by tearing off their claws, puncturing their shells, and ripping their heads off.Continually shipping wild caught Lobster, fresh fish, and shellfish since 1995.

All of our lobsters are air flown from maine to london on a daily basis to ensure the best lobster is available.Live Main Lobsters are the the most beloved seafood which portrayed our reputation.Buy sustainably sourced, wild-caught authentic live Maine lobster, straight from the Maine coast.A simple poach or boil, and a little bit of butter is all they need for cooking.

Live Maine Lobsters (2.9 - 3.2lb). We hand-select our live Maine Lobsters daily. 4 (2.9 - 3.2lb) 100 percent live Maine Lobsters.

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We buy Maine lobster on a daily basis to ensure that our customers and restaurant accounts receive the.


J.O. Seafoods LLC SEA-EX GOLD MEMBER USA - J. O. Seafoods is an international trade agency and shipper dedicated to procuring only the finest live, fresh and frozen seafood for its clients worldwide.When you eat Cousins Maine Lobster, you can take pride knowing where your lobster comes from: Casco Bay, Cundys Harbor, Boothbay Harbor, South Bristol, Port Clyde, Cutler, Tenants Harbor and Vinalhaven.Get live Maine lobsters delivered direct from the coast of Portland, Maine.Flown in regularly from Maine, these hard-shell lobsters are meaty, firm, and juicy.Also serving fresh haddock, fresh cod, steamers, island style shrimp, live Maine lobsters and so much more.

The Difference between Maine Lobster and Rock (Spiny) Lobster There appears to be some confusion around the difference between a rock (spiny) lobster and lobster from Maine.This increase on the export is actually caused by very big increase in the Canada sales.

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In general, lobster lovers will want to go for the Maine lobster, and indeed, the price may not be all that different, when viewed on a pound for pound basis, but keep in mind that the weight of the live lobster includes the weight of the shell.Boiling lobster is the certainly easiest way to cook lobster and a great way to enjoy the flavor of a fresh live lobster.

Thanks to some genius chefs, there is a way to make your whole live Maine lobsters last more than 3 days and still taste like it just came out of the ocean.Since 1946, Graffam Bros. have been shipping fresh live lobster and prepared seafood all across the country so that everybody can enjoy the real taste of Maine no matter where they live.Live lobster can survive out of seawater for up to 72 hours if kept cool and moist.

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Our guarantee policy ensures that the lobsters arrive alive, on time and insured.This is due to the geological location where they live and are harvested.

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